Experienced Adelaide Naturopath & Nutritionist

Offering customised programs for: weight loss, allergies, nutrition, detoxification, pregnancy care.

I have helped clients with the following health conditions:

Gut issues – bloating, wind, constipation, diarrhoea, reflux etc
Weight Loss
Food allergies
Low energy and fatigue
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
High Blood Pressure
Sleep issues
Anxiety and Depression
Skin disorders
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
Children’s health – nutritional deficiencies, immunity, dietary needs, low energy, anxiety, etc

Merridy Casson ND

Meet Merridy


As an experienced practitioner of Naturopathy in Adelaide, Merridy’s approach is unique. She focuses on identifying the cause(s) of imbalances or disease in her clients and offers them practical, sustainable solutions for the long-term, while providing immediate support for acute conditions. Merridy believes strongly that given the right nutrients, the body will heal itself and it is with this in mind that she seeks to help her clients restore their health. Her use of nutrition and lifestyle recommendations make her solutions achievable and effective.


With 63% of Australians now overweight or obese, we need to acknowledge that support is needed. Many people are overwhelmed by overweight issues and find it difficult to get started on a path to recovery. Weight loss is not just a matter of what you eat & how much exercise you do daily. It is far more complex and that is where Merridy can step in. She is an experienced practitioner in weight loss in Adelaide and has numerous clinical success stories. Her weight loss programs are all customised to suit the individual.


Merridy’s approach to managing skin conditions will always include consideration of the state of the gastrointestinal tract or gut. This is because a poorly functioning gut can be a trigger for many other health conditions. To ignore it, is to ignore the real cause of the skin problem. Just applying a cream topically is rarely going to resolve the problem. There needs to be a coordinated dietary plan, along with education on NDC’s (Neuroendocrine Disrupting Chemicals), treatment of stress & sleep deprivation in order to achieve improvement.


Many people nowadays are reactive to certain foods and also have allergies to pollens, grasses and moulds. This reactivity is a real problem and much of it comes down to the over-processing of our food and/or the fact that our immune systems are not what they once were. The flour that is made into bread today is a far cry from what it was like 20 years ago. Our immune systems suffer an overload of toxins from the environment and the promotion of sanitising our homes constantly. Merridy’s approach, as an allergist in Adelaide, is to find the cause of the imbalances or allergic reactions and treat them appropriately.

Merridy is a fully accredited member of ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society).


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