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The Biggest Obstacle to Good Health: Mainstream Media

At a time when so many people are struggling with their health and staying in shape, it is very concerning that one of South Australia's most read news publications prints poorly researched and misleading guidelines - potentially…
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Why Snacking is a GOOD thing!

Should we snack between meals? Eating three square meals a day used to be the catch-cry in years gone by. All of the current research puts this to bed, in favour of 5 smaller meals per day or 3 small meals & 2 planned snacks. However you…
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Switch Off Your Sugar Cravings!

Apart from alcohol and drugs, the next biggest addiction in the Western World is "sugar". Refined sugar is a very powerful stimulant, which has a drug-like effect on the body, so people can develop a dependency on it. What are sugars?  Sugars…
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3 Ways to Turn Back the Clock

Nothing ages a person more than a stooped posture and diminishing strength, ie. muscle wasting. Some side-effects of ageing include: decreased muscle mass and strength, limited mobility, reduced aerobic capacity, inflammatory diseases such as…
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Secrets to Fat Loss

Four scientifically proven tips to losing fat: Eat 3 meals & 2 snacks per day, every day. This boosts the "thermogenic" effect of food, which means once your food is digested, the energy produced is utilised in the fat-burning process.  …
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Beat Stress Before it Beats You ...

What is Stress Doing to Your Body? A chronic state of stress can have widespread negative effects, such as:   Poor digestion – reduced digestive secretions can lead to symptoms such as bloating, abdominal pain, constipation or…
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Crank Up Your Metabolism!

Eat and exercise right and speed up your metabolism now!  One reason people tend to gain weight as they age is because their metabolism slows down dramatically, often due to poor lifestyle choices. Eg. less exercise, overeating, eating…
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Extreme Weekly Weight Loss Tips With Merridy

Top 2 Tips for this week: A new eating plan is a challenge to begin. Our eating habits are ingrained and long-term. They take time and effort to change. Be patient and keep aiming for your goals. We need to change the way we eat for…
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Fat versus Muscle - What you need to know!

Weight loss is not all about your weight on a set of scales. It's about understanding your body composition, ie. what percentage of your body is muscle and how much is fat? This muscle to fat ratio determines just how healthy…
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Quick & Easy Weekly Weight loss Tips With Merridy

Top 2 Weight Loss Tips for this week: 1) Remove your hunger by enjoying a balanced meal. Quit dieting and start eating the right food at the right time of day, to lose weight. 2) Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the…