Sarah’s Egg Rolls
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  1. 4 eggs
  2. 2 egg whites
  3. 1 small tomato, diced
  4. 1 spring onion, finely sliced
  5. 1 Tablespoon grated parmesan
  6. Pinch mixed dried herbs or chopped fresh herbs
  1. Mix all ingredients together well.
  2. Heat frypan and spray with cooking spray.
  3. Place ladles of mix in hot pan & spread to create thin crepe. Flip omelette & cook 1 minute.
  4. Turn out onto board to cool. Repeat with remaining mix. (Makes 6 egg rolls)
  5. Layer a slice of roast turkey breast on each omelette. Roll up and enjoy!
  1. (2-3 rolls make a meal)
Merridy Casson