12-Week Weight Loss Program

I made the decision to seek Merridy’s help & advice to change my body shape, after my solo efforts were unsuccessful. From our first meeting, I found her to have a clear understanding of my desire to change my eating habits, resulting in a loss of body fat & a healthier body. I adjusted to my recommended meal plan with few problems, although it took time to adjust to consuming additional water. Throughout the 12 week programme, Merridy has supported & encouraged me, advising ways to “kick start” my metabolism when necessary. The reduction in body fat & weight has been steady & gradual, with a great improvement in my body shape. I have now become so used my recommended meal plan, that I can’t imagine returning to the “old ways” of eating. We recently spent 6 weeks overseas & I was able to keep to my meal plan, lapsing only a few times for Italian gelati. Regular sessions at the gym continue to build muscle & daily walks with the dog improve fitness. Energy levels have increased as have general wellbeing & self –esteem. I would recommend anyone struggling to loose body fat & improve their body shape to speak with Merridy. Her easy to follow meal plans, support & advice really do work.