I had been suffering from some minor stomach problems for some time and I decided to see Merridy about participating in her 6 week detox program. Although I live an active life and eat sensibly I felt I needed something to boost me past what was becoming a concern. I suffered periodic bloating and just generally felt run down and like I needed an overhaul. What surprised me the most during the detox was that my training seemed unaffected and bar having to lighten how much weight I lifted, I was able to complete all my sessions with no problems. Surprisingly I had adjusted fairly quickly to no coffee and instead drinking my herbal teas, and even when my wife and I went out for dinner I did not feel restricted by my menu choices while still adhering to the detox. By the final phase I felt great. I had lost any digestive upsets I had to begin with, I still felt energetic and above all healthy. It was a surprisingly positive experience - one I would recommend highly.