12-Week Weight Loss Program
Like many, my weight has slowly gone up over the last 20 years and I finally hit a stage where I was ashamed of what I saw in the mirror. I did some internet searching and found Merridy’s website – what a revelation – it was exactly what I was looking for!
The idea of using science to help lose weight and understand what my body was doing instantly appealed to me. I’d tried other weight loss programs but as they relied on the figure on the scales I would become disheartened very quickly and give up.
I decided that the 12 week program with weekly support was the best option for me. Merridy’s support through-out the whole program was fantastic, I had my weekly visits and email contact in between for any questions I had.
I’ve lost 10kg in 12 weeks, I’m feeling great and people are noticing the difference. I won’t say all of it was easy, but it was certainly worth it to end up with these results. I have more weight to lose, but with Merridy’s support I know I can continue this journey to become the best me.