After suffering from digestive issues for a couple of years and on top of more than 25 years of recurring insomnia, I decided that I needed help. I was chronically tired and felt disheartened because my inconsistent energy levels and digestive health affected my ability to train consistently hard, and this negatively affected my training results. Armed with the results of my Cellular Health Analysis & my Allergy Tests, Merridy helped me devise an eating plan that would eliminate my allergens & provide my body with sustained fuel. Merridy was able to do this, all within the framework of my vegetarianism. As a result of her advice I now enjoy a full night’s sleep, I can exercise without concern of how my digestive system will react and I enjoy greater satiety throughout the day, no longer feeling constantly hungry. I also enjoy a delightful feeling of ‘lightness’ when exercising & feel well on the way to reaching my training goals. Thank you Merridy, I cannot speak highly enough of your expertise and care.