I am writing this testimonial to Merridy’s Weight Management Program because of the success I’ve had in losing the stubborn weight that I have spent the last 4 years trying to shift. My age and slowing metabolism, childbirth and re-occurring back pain conspired to keep my weight well above my goal. Despite years of gym membership with regular attendance (up to 8 hours a week when my back allowed) I was not able to lose the fat around my waist and could not understand why.

My experience with Merridy’s weight management program delivered the desired result – fast. I found the program to be very educational, supportive, easy to live with and excellent value for money (rebates apply).

I have not been the perfect client by any means. A glass or two of Chardy was not included on the program and my insistence on enjoying my favourite tipple probably slowed down the process of achieving my goal, however I am happy with the results and the amount of time it took to achieve my goal.

Thank you to Merridy and I encourage you to begin achieving your own goals – today.