I am getting married early next year and wanted to improve my health and energy, and to be in better shape by then. As I had been feeling lethargic, suffering severe PMS and just not feeling the way that I knew I could, I sought Merridy's help. I had also been feeling anxious and exhausted- both my physical and mental health were suffering. So, I participated in her Online 10-Week Program via Skype, because I live in the country. This made appointments so accessible, especially with an 18 month old. I arranged the sessions at times when I knew my toddler would be sleeping. This program has given me such a good foundation for sustainable and realistic health and well being. My gut is the healthiest it has been for a long time and I feel full of life and energy!I lost weight, even though this wasn't my focus, it just happened as I began to nourish my body and treat it with the love and respect it deserved. I learnt how to slow down and find balance in my day and to be more mindful. I would recommend Merridy to anyone needing support on their health journey, whatever stage that may be. She has such a wealth of knowledge that is right on point.