I was having some muscle soreness and my chiropractor suggested that I might need to look at what I was eating. Merridy did a Live Blood Analysis on me and as a result put me on a detox program for 6 weeks. Initially I found it challenging as it required some more preparation and shopping compared to my normal food routine. However after the first week I immediately felt the benefits. I started to feel less tired and had much more energy to get through the day. By three weeks my friends were asking me whether I had lost weight and I had. By taking the pressure off my digestive system and using the supplements I was starting to experience the real health benefits of a detox. The food on a detox is actually really nice, healthy and fresh. At the end of my detox I had cut my biological age from 26 years to 24 and had also become noticeably leaner. All this in only six weeks! Since then I have completed another detox and my husband has also joined me (in the detox) and has shared the subsequent health benefits. I would highly recommend a detox to anyone who wants to stop feeling flat and run down and start to have more energy and vitality again.