I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and my doctor told me to act now. Within days of starting Merridy’s program I was amazed at my increased energy levels. I didn’t realise what an impact better food choices could make.

I lost 3 kgs in the first week. I never used to eat breakfast. It was dull and used to make me feel a little ill. Now it is my favourite meal of the day because of the huge choice of foods and the amount I get to eat. I have really enjoyed exploring the huge range of foods that I never knew were healthy.

The Cell Health Test every week provided the best motivation! This scientific test helped me to realise that even during weeks that I felt I hadn’t achieved much, I could understand how my body was adjusting and how the food was affecting my health.

The Program gave me the confidence and energy to start exercising. I have loved the weekly support and encouragement Merridy has given me. I feel like a new person. I am healthy, energetic and alive, and my outlook on life is much more positive.