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Weight Loss

A friend of mine referred me in to see Merridy, to get my health back on track. I joined her 10-Week Nutrition program and started feeling better within a few weeks. My friends began asking me what I was doing to lose weight as they noticed changes immediately. I have lost around 12kgs and am now 6yrs younger biologically. I am happy to say that both my energy levels & sleep have greatly improved and I am no longer experiencing headaches. I haven't felt this good in ages!


After my second baby, I found it hard to lose some weight. Merridy suggested a 4-Week Detox may help reset my metabolism.
I have done detoxes before with her, so this was not new territory. Having now completed the detox, I am sleeping much better, my energy levels began to noticeably improve during the second week and I was feeling more even-tempered.
I am happy to report that I lost 3.5kgs of weight and 3cms off my waist.
It was a great kick-start to me feeling like me again!

My detox experience:
The first few days were not enjoyable, as I was now avoiding sugars, leaving me with headaches and feeling yuck. But the food was easy to stick to and I was not hungry. Day 3 brought a drastic change and I began to feel great. My weight was down 1.5kgs!
One week later, I was feeling fantastic, sleeping like a baby and I was 3.2kgs lighter on the scales. No bloating, fluid retention and sugar cravings, skin clearer and bowels regular again.
I particularly enjoyed taking the Glutagenics powder (for gut healing), which was refreshing and easy to drink. Weight loss was now 4.2kgs.
After 30 days on the program I'm happy to say that I lost 5.3kgs and no longer have to undo my top button of my jeans when I sit down! My clothes are much looser and I am feeling fantastic. Other benefits are that I'm sleeping much better at night, my skin is clearer, hair more shiny, nails are super strong, I have no more bloating and fluid retention and I once again have energy to burn!
Thanks for your support and knowledge, Merridy!

12-Week Weight Loss Program

I sought Merridy's help after trying many diets and not being successful at keeping the weight off. The 12 week program is not just a healthier way of eating but a healthier lifestyle too. The food is easy to adapt to and I really enjoy it so it is easy to continue on with the eating plan. With Merridy's help and guidance I have sorted out health issues and I now feel better and I have a lot more energy. I enjoy the program and like the results.

12-Week Weight Loss Program

I have now completed my 12-Week Weight Loss program and I feel fantastic! I have lost 9 kilos (6% body fat) and gained 3% more lean muscle. My biological age has dropped by 7 years and I've lost 6cm off my waist.
I have learnt how to eat better, and this has benefited the whole family, who are also enjoying the healthy foods with me. I would recommend Merridy to anyone who wants to lose weight and feel more energetic without dieting.

12-Week Weight Loss Program

I made the decision to seek Merridy’s help & advice to change my body shape, after my solo efforts were unsuccessful.

From our first meeting, I found her to have a clear understanding of my desire to change my eating habits, resulting in a loss of body fat & a healthier body.

I adjusted to my recommended meal plan with few problems, although it took time to adjust to consuming additional water.

Throughout the 12 week programme, Merridy has supported & encouraged me, advising ways to “kick start” my metabolism when necessary. The reduction in body fat & weight has been steady & gradual, with a great improvement in my body shape. I have now become so used my recommended meal plan, that I can’t imagine returning to the “old ways” of eating. We recently spent 6 weeks overseas & I was able to keep to my meal plan, lapsing only a few times for Italian gelati.

Regular sessions at the gym continue to build muscle & daily walks with the dog improve fitness. Energy levels have increased as have general wellbeing & self –esteem.

I would recommend anyone struggling to loose body fat & improve their body shape to speak with Merridy. Her easy to follow meal plans, support & advice really do work.

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