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10-Week Weight Loss Program

I would definitely recommend Merridy, she is professional and friendly and always looking out for ways to help with your health. I came in trying to lose 5 kilos which i had tried to lose on various diets to no avail. I have lost almost 4 kilos so far and put on muscle. I have also improved my biomarker by 2 years. Something I wasn't expecting is that my anxiety and depression would be eased on the diet. Merridy suggested I may have a reaction to gluten and I found that after one night eating gluten again, I felt terrible. So I intend to experiment and will probably adopt this way of eating into the future to help me with anxiety and depression. I'm glad I'm seeing someone who looks at your whole health, not just weight loss.

10-Week Weight Loss Program

My reason for seeing Merridy was to lose 3 or 4 kg and learn to maintain my weight. I lost 6 kg and 6 cm off my waist, feel fantastic and confident I will be able to maintain this weight. I am 68 and my biological age has gone from 72 to 62 in 10 weeks.

I found Merridy very friendly and felt relaxed and comfortable from the first appointment. Merridy provided helpful hints along the way, and there are some lovely recipes on her website.

I would highly recommend Merridy’s services.

10-Week Weight Loss Program

I attended my first appointment feeling miserable, old (I’m only 54), fat, bloated, menopausal. My list could go on.
I needed some direction & encouragement to get my life back.
Merridy immediately made me feel comfortable & assured me her services could help. I felt so confident I signed up for a 10- week program.
At all of my follow up consultations Merridy was so helpful & made my journey a pleasure.
I have totally changed my lifestyle, my diet & my outlook on life.
I feel great, look great & I'm loving life.
Do yourself a favour.... ring Merridy today.


I first started seeing Merridy after a massive flare up of Psoriasis prior to Christmas, wanting to control my symptoms without the need for medication and painful steroidal creams. After extensive discussion detailing my lifestyle, we worked out my potential triggers and went about using a holistic approach, making some changes to my diet and lifestyle.
The results to my skin and overall health have been fantastic. Merridy has helped me where other doctors (after many years of treatment) could not. I have also had some other unexpected health benefits from her treatment such as weight loss and improvements to inflammation issues in my ankles and joints.
Anyone looking for a knowledgeable and experienced Naturopath who is able to show you how to implement natural principles in a practical way, I would highly recommend Merridy’s services.

10-Week Weight Loss Program

I highly recommend seeing Merridy,
I didn't know what to expect at my first appointment, but Merridy made me feel very comfortable and her simple easy going approach made it easy to understand how to get good results! While I was working interstate for awhile, she continued to offer email support. I have lost weight, have much more energy now and feel great.
Highly recommended!!

Weight Loss

A friend of mine referred me in to see Merridy, to get my health back on track. I joined her 10-Week Nutrition program and started feeling better within a few weeks. My friends began asking me what I was doing to lose weight as they noticed changes immediately. I have lost around 12kgs and am now 6yrs younger biologically. I am happy to say that both my energy levels & sleep have greatly improved and I am no longer experiencing headaches. I haven't felt this good in ages!

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