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6-Week Detox Program

I had been suffering from some minor stomach problems for some time and I decided to see Merridy about participating in her 6 week detox program. Although I live an active life and eat sensibly I felt I needed something to boost me past what was becoming a concern. I suffered periodic bloating and just generally felt run down and like I needed an overhaul.

What surprised me the most during the detox was that my training seemed unaffected and bar having to lighten how much weight I lifted, I was able to complete all my sessions with no problems.

Surprisingly I had adjusted fairly quickly to no coffee and instead drinking my herbal teas, and even when my wife and I went out for dinner I did not feel restricted by my menu choices while still adhering to the detox.

By the final phase I felt great. I had lost any digestive upsets I had to begin with, I still felt energetic and above all healthy. It was a surprisingly positive experience - one I would recommend highly.

6-Week Detox Program

I was having some muscle soreness and my chiropractor suggested that I might need to look at what I was eating. Merridy did a Live Blood Analysis on me and as a result put me on a detox program for 6 weeks.

Initially I found it challenging as it required some more preparation and shopping compared to my normal food routine. However after the first week I immediately felt the benefits. I started to feel less tired and had much more energy to get through the day.

By three weeks my friends were asking me whether I had lost weight and I had. By taking the pressure off my digestive system and using the supplements I was starting to experience the real health benefits of a detox. The food on a detox is actually really nice, healthy and fresh.
At the end of my detox I had cut my biological age from 26 years to 24 and had also become noticeably leaner. All this in only six weeks! Since then I have completed another detox and my husband has also joined me (in the detox) and has shared the subsequent health benefits.

I would highly recommend a detox to anyone who wants to stop feeling flat and run down and start to have more energy and vitality again.

Digestive issues

After suffering from digestive issues for a couple of years and on top of more than 25 years of recurring insomnia, I decided that I needed help. I was chronically tired and felt disheartened because my inconsistent energy levels and digestive health affected my ability to train consistently hard, and this negatively affected my training results.

Armed with the results of my Cellular Health Analysis & my Allergy Tests, Merridy helped me devise an eating plan that would eliminate my allergens & provide my body with sustained fuel. Merridy was able to do this, all within the framework of my vegetarianism.

As a result of her advice I now enjoy a full night’s sleep, I can exercise without concern of how my digestive system will react and I enjoy greater satiety throughout the day, no longer feeling constantly hungry. I also enjoy a delightful feeling of ‘lightness’ when exercising & feel well on the way to reaching my training goals.

Thank you Merridy, I cannot speak highly enough of your expertise and care.

12-Week Weight Loss Program

I'm the classic yo-yo dieter, have tried every diet and after reaching my all-time heaviest at 83kg I was ready for some serious and sensible guidance. Merridy kept me on track while modifying the program to suit me. I'm a very fussy eater and a reluctant cook which makes me pretty difficult to work with! I also have all those emotional issues with food that many overweight people will understand.

With Merridy's support and making me accountable at weekly check-ins I have become more attentive to my own nutritional needs. I am beginning to really enjoy cooking and am choosing foods right for me which has taken out a lot of the stress and emotion and I know I will never 'diet' again. I'm down to 73kg and it feels so good to be wearing my jeans again! I'm aiming for my next goal now ... 65kgs!

Customised nutrition plan

After I had a Cellular Health Analysis with Merridy, I discovered that I wasn’t eating enough to meet the needs of my training regime and day to day activities. This was music to my ears as I was not expecting to be told that I needed to eat more!!! Merridy tailored a specific food plan for me that was full of delicious food options.
After a month I had lost 3kgs of body fat and increased my muscle. I can't believe that eating more of the right food could have such a rapid effect on weight loss!

12-Week Weight Loss Program

Like many, my weight has slowly gone up over the last 20 years and I finally hit a stage where I was ashamed of what I saw in the mirror. I did some internet searching and found Merridy’s website – what a revelation – it was exactly what I was looking for!
The idea of using science to help lose weight and understand what my body was doing instantly appealed to me. I’d tried other weight loss programs but as they relied on the figure on the scales I would become disheartened very quickly and give up.
I decided that the 12 week program with weekly support was the best option for me. Merridy’s support through-out the whole program was fantastic, I had my weekly visits and email contact in between for any questions I had.
I’ve lost 10kg in 12 weeks, I’m feeling great and people are noticing the difference. I won’t say all of it was easy, but it was certainly worth it to end up with these results. I have more weight to lose, but with Merridy’s support I know I can continue this journey to become the best me.

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