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Customised nutrition plan

After I had a Cellular Health Analysis with Merridy, I discovered that I wasn’t eating enough to meet the needs of my training regime and day to day activities. This was music to my ears as I was not expecting to be told that I needed to eat more!!! Merridy tailored a specific food plan for me that was full of delicious food options.
After a month I had lost 3kgs of body fat and increased my muscle. I can't believe that eating more of the right food could have such a rapid effect on weight loss!

12-Week Weight Loss Program

Like many, my weight has slowly gone up over the last 20 years and I finally hit a stage where I was ashamed of what I saw in the mirror. I did some internet searching and found Merridy’s website – what a revelation – it was exactly what I was looking for!
The idea of using science to help lose weight and understand what my body was doing instantly appealed to me. I’d tried other weight loss programs but as they relied on the figure on the scales I would become disheartened very quickly and give up.
I decided that the 12 week program with weekly support was the best option for me. Merridy’s support through-out the whole program was fantastic, I had my weekly visits and email contact in between for any questions I had.
I’ve lost 10kg in 12 weeks, I’m feeling great and people are noticing the difference. I won’t say all of it was easy, but it was certainly worth it to end up with these results. I have more weight to lose, but with Merridy’s support I know I can continue this journey to become the best me.

Online Consultations

I have been a long term client of Merridy’s for seven years now and since making a move to the country have missed being able to access her Naturopathic services. With consults being offered online on Skype now, her service offered to country and interstate clients has become more convenient, flexible and personal. I would highly recommend this service .... do it for your health!

Online consultations – Detox Program

I originally saw Merridy in person, as I was continually unwell despite leading a healthy lifestyle. She arranged for some hormone tests to be sent to me at home as I live in the country. Rather than drive to Adelaide for follow up, she offered me her online service.
Merridy outlined my treatment plan, which was a 12-Week Detox Program. This sounded daunting at first, but I found it really quite easy to do. She guided me through the process with a personalised plan and supplements to assist with the detox.
Although I have now finished the program, I have still continued with a fairly strict diet and continue to eliminate certain foods as I really feel it has rested my body and assisted in settling my hormones. I am certainly feeling much better and brighter and that’s how I want to stay! If you live in the country and find that taking time off of work combined with the cost of travel a burden, then I would highly recommend trying the Skype consult, it really is a fantastic time saver and is far more convenient.

12-Week Weight Loss Program

I joined the program after tasting some yummy food Merridy had prepared from the program. I was a classic yo-yo dieter, having tried every diet and reaching my all-time heaviest at 83 kgs.

Merridy kept me on track while modifying the program to suit me a little better. Her support made me more accountable at weekly check-ins and I have become more attentive to my own nutritional needs. I know I will never diet again.

3 months later ... I am now 20 kgs lighter and have no dilemmas anymore about what to wear because everything fits!

12-Week Weight Loss Program

I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and my doctor told me to act now. Within days of starting Merridy’s program I was amazed at my increased energy levels. I didn’t realise what an impact better food choices could make.

I lost 3 kgs in the first week. I never used to eat breakfast. It was dull and used to make me feel a little ill. Now it is my favourite meal of the day because of the huge choice of foods and the amount I get to eat. I have really enjoyed exploring the huge range of foods that I never knew were healthy.

The Cell Health Test every week provided the best motivation! This scientific test helped me to realise that even during weeks that I felt I hadn’t achieved much, I could understand how my body was adjusting and how the food was affecting my health.

The Program gave me the confidence and energy to start exercising. I have loved the weekly support and encouragement Merridy has given me. I feel like a new person. I am healthy, energetic and alive, and my outlook on life is much more positive.

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